Teen Zone

Support your teen and help them define their future!

Yes, Life Coaching for teens is a real thing! Ever notice your teen is kind, respectful and attentive to strangers? That’s because you have a raised a great kid…but they want independence! Our coaches can provide guidance which fosters independence for your teen.


All services are for teens 13 -17 years old. Teens with identified Mental Health issues or substance abuse issues should consult a licensed Mental Health Professional for more comprehensive care. All sessions are paid in advance and scheduled at the time of payment. Application and waiver is required prior to initial session with teen.

Your teen is safe with us, but they need to be able to express a true version of themselves to their Life Coach for the best results! Sessions are confidential unless intent to harm self or others is expressed to Life Coach. Parent sessions with teens will go over topics and progress that the teen has approved for sharing with parent. This benefits the teens progress and development of independence.

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