Health First Life Coaching Package (5 week commitment minimum)



This is for anyone (18 years and older) that needs help focusing on creating new goals and/or guidance on a path to a healthier self! Clients will finish assessments to determine areas of strength and of growth, determine short and long term goals with guidance and develop a plan of action to reach goals. This package is specifically focused on short term health goals to be reached and a head start on long term goals. When compared to the Motivational Life Coach Package this offers a specific focus on health and allows more time to start on accountability, reassessing goals and creating new goals is a bonus of this package. Additional bi-weekly/monthly sessions are recommended.

Package Includes:

  • Pre-session Written Application (To be completed by client before week 1 Assessment)
  • 1 hour Initial Assessment (Completed during week 1)
  • 1 hour weekly coaching session (Minimum 4 consecutive weeks)
  • Unlimited E-Mail Support between sessions
  • Assistance with community resources, if needed

Additional Services available to be added to this package include:

  • 1 Hour Family Session (during or after 5 weeks are over) $75.00/session
  • 1 Hour Session (After 5 weeks are over) $50.00/session

Disclaimer: This is not a mental health counseling service. Clients who need mental health services will be referred to appropriate professionals as necessary. Client needs to be willing to complete assessments and coaching sessions.


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