What’s your Motivation?

Happy Monday Morning! I saw this quote & I thought of so many of my clients so I wanted to share with you all.

So often I hear frustration in a client’s voice as the realize the hole they’re in is deeper than they thought. Sometimes this is frustrating because they didn’t dig it alone, but they are left with the mess. Other times they are frustrated with themselves because they know they caused the mess and want it to disappear just like that!

Either way, let’s focus on progress in this situation and not perfection! What is “perfect” anyway? It is truly the unattainable, gold standard that is not realistic. At all. I tell my clients that no one is standing still, we are either moving forwards or backwards. I truly believe that, do you? Today, let’s embrace the fact that forward progression IS progress. No matter how small the steps, you are taking them and I am proud of you!

Let’s make this a blessed week! You are not fighting alone, you have the Creator of Heaven & Earth standing by your side ready (and totally able) to power through this week with you! Let’s do this!


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