“Give Your Best Away!”

“Give your best away today! Your best smile, your best attitude, your best love.” My kids must have heard this in their sleep in elementary school. It was always the last thing I said as they got out of the car. As the doors closed, I would watch them shuffle up to the door of their school. Their small frames fighting to control their backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets while managing one last glance back at my car to see if I was still watching them.

That one little phrase prompted many selfless acts over the years, many of which I will never know about. Many were shared over dinner or after school snacks. A less fortunate family not having money for the Book Fair, so my son purchased something for him. Someone not having a snack and so they shared theirs with them. Standing up for someone who was being bullied, because in that moment the best they could give away was their own strength.

I share this concept and these stories so you know my heart. I never want to stop giving my best away. I want to create opportunities for others to know what that feels like too. Your best changes from moment to moment. Your “best” is simply whatever someone else needs from you.

Every month we will have a volunteer event where you can show up and give your best away. I believe that focusing on others and their needs can quite literally heal some of our own needs as well. It expands a space in our hearts that can make us whole. Please join us for some or all of them as we give back to our community we love so dearly.


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