Work in Progress

239 days & 91 lbs and God gets all the GLORY for this transformation of my mind, body and soul!

The left pic is my “before” pic. My kids and I had just trekked down the side of a valley on a steeply graded hiking trail. We found a cool spot where a rainbow was all around us as the waterfall hit the sun. I took the kids pics and then they took mine. I took my phone back, looked at the pic and declared… “Well, that’s gonna be my before pic!” and kept hiking. Not pictured is me trying to get back up the hill. One leg with total numbness from nerve damage and totally out of breath from how far I had let myself get out of shape. My kids rallied around me but inside I was humiliated. Who was this woman?

That was April 7th… 10 days later I had already fallen off a diet and realized I really had a problem. After 2 days of researching Gastric Bypass I realized that for me personally, it wasn’t going to fix the hole in my soul. April 19th I got on Zoom, and attended my first Overeaters Anonymous Meeting. It felt weird, extreme and ridiculous until people started sharing their struggles and I realized I was home. What I heard people sharing was so freeing. I didn’t have to do it alone. I wasn’t hopeless. I wasn’t weird. I was just like them. I am addicted to sugar & the way it makes my body & brain feel and used food to heal pain that only God could fix.

I apologized to my kids for not taking control of my health so we could have a full life together. They admitted they’d been upset thinking about my future. What a sobering moment. I’ve spent almost everyday in a meeting. I’ve given my control over to God & He has met me in this sacred space in the most amazing way. He has used my job to show me that I was as passionate and out of control with food and sugar, as the patients I help get treatment for substance abuse. We were no different. Today, I show you the girl on the left so I can remember in a healthy way, the woman who was brave enough to make this change. If you know my heart, you know that I show you the woman on the right not for compliments, but for inspiration for you and for me.

I haven’t “made it” yet…I still have 40-50 pounds to lose and my struggle with food will never be over. So I’m not an expert by any means. But this is what I know. You are worth it. You are beautiful now, but God didn’t make us to be a slave to anything, especially food. Find freedom anyway you can! God will honor that first step my friend, and help you to break free from any addiction or bondage you are struggling with! I believe in you! ❤️

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