2 minutes or less…

I want to share something that has honestly changed my life. Several years ago a friend told me that her minister told her the secret to productivity. It sounds extreme, but it really is the best advice I have heard in awhile!

Here it is… If something will take 2 minutes or less to do, just go ahead and do it!

I’m sure your world was just changed like mine was when she shared it with me! Okay, okay… truth be told I thought it was silly. I’ve heard the legends about adults that get their entire “to do” list done and even have clean houses. There was no way this little trick was the key to success. Or was it?

It’s not the actual task being completed that creates these legendary adults. You know the ones who can find a matching pair of socks without digging through an entire laundry basket or go to bed with an empty sink. It’s the way the attention to detail changes your drive and thought patterns. Once you start asking yourself how long it will take, you will realize that about 50% of your tasks qualify! Instead of coming in and dropping your keys on the counter with your purse, walk the extra 15 feet to the key hook in the entry way. Next time you leave your house, you easily get the time you took to hang them up back. You won’t have to look for them! Reply to the email right away, put the cup in the dishwasher and yes… you even have time to change the empty toilet paper roll!

Ask yourself as you go through your day… will it take less than 2 minutes? I really resented the question at first, especially when I saw how many things I put off that could have been done immediately. Finish it up and free up your mind from the mental and visual clutter of uncompleted tasks!

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